Nationalism (Rashtravaad) for Naseeruddin Shah - Where does he stand.

Let's take a look on Naseeruddin Shah's recent statements on different topics.

Few actors in Indian Film Industry has redefined the acting skill, one of them is Naseeruddin Shah. No doubt, he is a brilliant actor and a great human being. Recently he was in news due to his comments on History of India, Religion and state of Muslims in India etc. Let’s have look on those.

Bharat ke musalman dare hue hai (Indian Muslims are afraid).

To be honest, only one major reason is that they’re not in Majority. But Hindus are very inclusive and secular by culture and nature. Hindus do not discriminate against any religion. Hindus follow the ideology of  Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a Sanskrit phrase found in Hindu texts the Maha Upanishad, which means “The World Is One Family”. There may be few communal riots once in a while but that happens in every third world country. And in most of the riots, muslims are the one who started it.

Whenever Muslims become majority in any region. Some 10-15% of their population starts demanding for Sharia Law and complete Islamic Government. Which is 7th century ideology that can’t be implemented in 21st century. So even if majority does not wanna live under sharia laws, they just have to abide by it due to islamic religious extremists being involved ex- Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc.

While in Democracy like India, muslims are assured to have perks of sharia laws such as polygamy and easy divorce (Triple talaq – which is now criminalised by GoI) but at the same time they don’t have to accept harsh laws of sharia which includes cutting off limbs for theft and beheading for rape, this is complete double standard. But they’re in world’s biggest secular democracy so they enjoy such benefits.

So that’s why Muslims are the happiest and are not afraid in India.


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