Wi-Fi Talkie App – Talk and chat over Wi-Fi:

Are you organizing a function where a group of organizers and volunteers wants to do communication with one another? – Wi-Fi Talkie App

Are you living in a hostel where you need to call or chat with your near by friends?

Are you running a small business where you need to give instructions to workers?

Do you wish to chat with a friend on the same bus/train when you have no data balance?

      There are many such instances where one generally picks their smartphone to call the person or buys walkie-talkie to simplify their task. But with the growing technology, our smartphones become more capable and one can convert their smartphone to a walkie-talkie.

How to make the smartphone as walkie-talkie:

       You can make your smartphone as walkie-talkie just by installing an app “WIFI-Talkie Free” from google play store. Here is a download link wifi-talkie-download-icon

Features of wi-fi talkie:

  • Quality Voice calls without the internet or a cellular network
  • Private / Group chat
  • Transfer Files and folders at Wi-Fi speed.
features-of-wi-fi talkie app

How to use wi-fi talkie App:

  1. Connect an existing Wi-Fi network or create your own wireless network based on a Hotstop of your phone or tablet, using “Network Manager” of Wi-Fi Talkie.
  2. Say people around you to connect the network you are connected.
  3. Now you can use the full functionality of Wi-Fi Talkie.

Range of wi-fi signal:

       The Range of Wi-Fi signal depends on a hotspot and connected devices. Usually, the range is not more than 50 meters ( 150feet ) indoors and up to 150 meters (450 feet) outdoors.

Where to use wi-fi talkie App:

       You can communicate with people in previously unavailable places: airplane, train or any other long distance transport, forest and mountains, stadium, concert hall and other public places where a cellular signal is weak. It is also well suited for communication with in a Wi-Fi network of home, office, school, university or dorms. More Content : Interesting Content