Create your own laser show at home so simple!!

       Laser shows – Visual feasts! isn’t it? Ever wondered how they are created? How will it be if you create a laser show at home at a very very less cost?? Remember not by hiring people 😉 you can create it by yourself. Let’s check out how to make one of your own.
Laser show at home        The basic idea is laser traces the path repetitively. Due to the persistence of vision effect we see the whole image. In order this to happen you need to run it at a speed of 5 times. For this laser show to create you need the following: 1.Cogs (cam) 2.Simple Laser 3.Rubber bands Video:        Not sure what a cam is? It is a common mechanical component. The idea behind using a cam is, it is not a perfect circle with varying radius which helps us to rotate the laser so that it casts a required shape on the surface.        To create this basic laser show we need two cams. As the radius of the cams differ i.e. the radius goes on increasing and decreasing. Due to the variation in the radius of cams, we can create different shapes. Depending on the complexity of how well the radius variations are present in the cams, the shapes will differ significantly.        The most difficult part of the project is, designing the cams. There are various considerations that needs to be done in order to design a cam. All the necessary steps required while generating the cams using 3D printer are demonstrated in the video. Hope you are good at Math!! because, it requires little of your math in order to create new designs.
Laser show at home How it works:        As you create two different cams of varying radius, and with the help of a rubber band you can hold the laser as shown in the video between the two cams. You need to make sure the cams rotate at a speed of 5 times a second. Depending on the cam design, you ll be able to see different shapes when you cast the laser.         Don’t worry even if you are not good at math or you don’t understand the video but still you can manage to get the cams from here. Link to get the things: Print Cams More Content :