Model Tesla 3 car the irresistible!!

       Model Tesla 3 – The longer we wait for something, the more we appreciate it when we get it because, anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for.

Model Tesla 3 car
Here the wait is over. Tesla #3 is finally out!! Check out the best that you have been waiting for..

       Tesla 3 is an electric car with a pick up of 60mph in just 5.1 – 5.6 seconds! It has a seating capacity of 5 adults. It runs for 316KM for one charge. There is also an autopilot safety feature in the Tesla 3. It would be available as an option on top models of Tesla Model 3, the feature reportedly allows the car to steer themselves,
adjust cruise control, change lanes, avoid obstacles and park itself. It has got a five star safety rating too!

       As Tesla is an electric car, there is no combustion engine present in the front there by making more room available for the back seats. The front seats are a bit forward as well.

Model Tesla 3 Price

: $35000
Check out the features:
Automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance
Eight airbags
Electronic stability and traction control

15″ touchscreen with onboard maps & navigation
Wi-Fi and LTE internet connectivity
Keyless entry and remote climate control with app
Voice activated controls
60/40 split folding rear seats

Standard Interior
Model Tesla 3 car
15” touchscreen display
Dual zone climate control system
FM/Internet streaming radio
Textile seating
Center console with open storage and two USB ports
Model Tesla 3 car
Premium Upgrades
       Premium heated seating and cabin materials throughout, including open pore wood décor and two rear USBs
12-way, power adjustable front seats, steering column and side mirrors, with custom driver profiles
Premium audio system with more power, tweeters, surround speakers and subwoofer
Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection
Auto dimming, power folding, heated side mirrors
LED fog lamps
Center console with covered storage and docking for two smartphones
Model Tesla 3 car
4 year, 50,000 mile limited vehicle warranty
8 year, 100,000 mile battery warranty (Standard)
8 year, 120,000 mile battery warranty (Long Range)

More about Model Tesla 3 : Tesla

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