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       Premam background music or Premam Bgm score was given by Rajesh murugesan. Coming to the film, Premam is a 2015 Indian Malayalam coming-of-age musical-romantic comedy film written, edited, and directed by Alphonse Puthren. It is a three-part portrait of the lead finding his true love. The film stars Nivin Pauly, Madonna Sebastian, Sai Pallavi, and Anupama Parameswaran in the lead roles. Rajesh Murugesan composed the music. more about premam movie

premam background music download, Premam bgm download

The movie movie ends with beautiful lines i.e.,
God unified the flowers …
Which cannot move with butterflies!
For you flowers which can move … He bestowed all of you,
Butterflies as the emotion of Love
The butterfly is mentally mental … So is Love

Premam background music – Premam Bgm Download:

1.Premam theme bgm

2.Premam theme bgm -1

3.Celin introduction theme

4.Celin introduction theme-1

5.Chitti chitti song bit

6.Kaalam Kettu poyi song bit

7.Kaalam kettu poyi song bit with George cry

8.Ithu puthun kalam song bit

Meaning of above bit is
In this world …
while you are busy with your life
And while look back to your past
Please don’t forget to laugh

9.Ithu puthum kalam song bit 2

Meaning of above bit is
In this world
When you learn to forget
When you learn to forgive
Don’t forget to laugh

10.Malar is moving outside of class

11.Kalippu song theme – fast beat

12.Kalippu song theme – slow beat

13.Fight theme – before George suspension from college

14.George enters into class room – theme

15.Dance master introduction

16.Rock song bit

17.George goes to see mary everyday song bit

18.Malar leaving from George – after Rock song dance

19.Mary introduction

20.George leaving from Mary bgm

21.Ithu puthum kalam song bit

22.George Missing Malar

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