Kumari 21F Background Music – Download

       Kumari 21F is a 2015 Indian Telugu-language drama film directed by Palnati Surya Pratap, and written and co-produced by Sukumar with Vijay Bandreddi and Thomas Reddy under their banners Sukumar Writings and P. A. Motion Pictures. Devi Sri Prasad composed the film’s music and R. Rathnavelu was its director of photography. Kumari 21F focuses on a romantic relationship between Siddhu, a chef and Kumari, a struggling model. Siddhu’s friends doubt Kumari’s character and she rejects his proposal, citing a lack of maturity. The film’s centrepiece revolves around Siddhu’s realisation and his attempts to unite with Kumari after an incident.

kumari-21f-movie-background music-download

Background Music Files:

1.Kumari 21F theme

2.Kumari 21F theme with DSP voice

3.Kumari introduction theme

4.Kumari introduction theme -1

5.Kumari vu yaa vu yaa bit

6.Break up – Patch up song bit

7.Climax Scene Bit

8.Siddu introduces new girlfriend to kumari

9.Kumari fulfills siddu wish

10.Bgm in bar

11.Siddu sees kumari first time

12.Siddu fulfills new girlfriend wish

13.Siddu went to see his father

14.Megalu lekunna song Instrumental

15.Megalu lekunna song middle bit

16.Interval bgm

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